Quarantine preorder – English info

We have been trying to arrange this discography release for years – now there is a chance it will be ready for Berlin Quarantine show on August 25th – one of two they play this summer. We shall be there with CDs, vinyl and t-shirts.

QUARANTINE ”Regressive Thoughts” 2xLP / CD

will be available in following formats:

  • regular black double LP or limited (180gr) – in gatefold sleeve, containing insert with lyrics and a „zine” containing the interview with Brian Curran, band’s guitarist.
  • CD ecopack – with lyrics inlay; when you order directly from NNNW  we will ship with copies of the zine as well (until it’s gone)
  • two different T-shirt designs – purple lady or male sized and sand lady or natural male – both in limited quantities, order through e-shop or simply e-mail
  • download

Discography of this Glasgow based trio – our tribute to their emotional melancholic punk melodies. Contains their only LP and 7″ and compilation tracks as well as their early demo. Includes a zine – format interview about band’s related stories and their present activities, as well as the lyricsheet. Music and artwork rebuilt with passion.

Remastered by Marcin Dymiter (Ewa Braun) and Bri (Doom), artwork rebuilt by Mike Champagne (Knife In The Leg, Alert! Alert!, Ohyda and many more).